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I like to think of this programme as the first four weeks of the rest of your life.

This IS NOT a four week bikini body programme.

This IS NOT about achieving a six pack. Or being ‘beach ready’.

This IS about transforming how you feel about fitness, food and (ultimately) yourself.

These are the workouts that I did after having my daughter to get back in shape. These are the meals and snacks that I eat daily.

I want to show you that looking after your body is easy! It doesn’t have to take over your life!

You will see and feel a massive difference in your energy, physical appearance and confidence in four weeks. You can continue with these workouts and meals forever!

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Why I Set Up Joe Greer Fitness


I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 12 years now and have been running my own ladies only fitness studio for 8 of those years. I’ve trained hundreds of women of different ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Since having my daughter, who is almost 5, I’ve been more and more keen to train other mums and mums to be. Throughout my years in this industry I have helped hundreds of women to reach their fitness goals and body goals, and just as importantly, helped to boost their confidence and self esteem. I promote self love and body diversity and believe that your mindset is they key to long lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

What Can Jo Greer Fitness Do For You?

I trained all the way through my pregnancy (including a half marathon!) and absolutely believe that when done safely and correctly, it is incredibly beneficial to both mother and baby.

Staying active has always been a bit of therapy for me. Sometimes it isn’t about jumping higher or lifting heavier, it’s just about staying sane!  Eating well and exercising most definitely helped me get through my PND, I didn’t want to take the anti-depressants that I was prescribed.

Exercise is the most potent and under-utilised antidepressant! Plus it’s totally free! The positive impact on mental and emotional wellbeing through exercise has been proven time and time again. I want to teach women that exercise can be fun and enjoyable. I want you to see it not as a chore, but as a hobby and a rare little bit of “you time”.

“We’ve all been in a bad place where we’ve felt a little out of control with everything else in the world, and often the easiest thing to control is food. Unfortunately this often leads to excessive calorie counting and crazy, fad dieting and/or unsustainable (sometimes dangerous) exercise programmes. I’m passionate about food and exercise and I want to share my knowledge with you. I feel like a whole new woman since becoming properly educated about nutrition and nourishing your body on the inside, which reflects on how you look on the outside.” Jo Greer, CEO Mighty Mums

I want this programme to show you that healthy and wholesome eating and exercising, should be a way of living, not just a short term fix.

I now love my body and it amazes me everyday. Not just how it looks, but how it feels and the incredible things it can do. I hope that by the end of this programme, you love your body too.

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Become a member for exclusive fitness and well-being videos, recipes and more!

Become a member for exclusive fitness and well-being videos, recipes and more!


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What Our Members Say About Us


Not only has my anxiety improved greatly, but my self esteem and confidence in body and mind has improved. I even wore crop tops over the summer, something I had never done in my life! I have never felt better in myself than I do now! I don't think this would have been possible without Jo's guidance and support.


I am nearly 40 but feel fitter now then I did in my 20's. My energy levels have increased and I have lost a dress size. Jo is an amazing teacher and has encouraged me to do things I thought I could never do.


After a break to have my little one, my confidence and ability took a bit of a knock. After switching to train with Jo, I have improved more than I could have hoped. It's not just my physical fitness that's coming back but also my confidence. Jo is so supportive and will push you. Thank you!


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